Ni hao!

Later then I thought you're going to hear from me again. I've been quite busy to be honest! Last time I wrote something down I was in the middle of the Gobi desert, going from Ulaan Bataar to Beijing. I arrived the next day a [read more...]
Crossing Gobi
Hello again!

Again, I am sitting in the train having enough time to choose my words carefuly. Although this time it's not 87 hours. I am on a train from Ulaan Bataar to Beijing, when I should be somewhere inside of Mongolia, riding a [read more...]
Arriving in Ulaan Bataar
So I am in Mongolia.

Since the last time I wrote something down, a lot things have happened.

After spending a night with Irina, Alex and Sheldon I took the Train to Ulan Ude. Considering it's the last bigger city before [read more...]
Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal

So the last few days I spend on the biggest island of lake Baikal. Olkohn island! For me, seing the lake was one of the reasons to go to Russia. The pearl of Siberia they call it. On good summer days, you can see through the wat [read more...]

Tomorrow morning I will leave for a few days, so I will share with you now!

I am lying on a couch of a young couple, Alex and Irina who live in Irkutsk! I found them on Couchsurfing, and they offered me to stay wi [read more...]
Transsib Moscow - Irkutsk
Hey Folks!

Since I have a lot of time, I am writing "live".
I am sitting in the Transiberian Express - train number 082 - going from Moscow to Irkutsk. It's about 6pm Moscow time and I'm on the train for about 29 hours now. [read more...]