The temples of Angkor Wat
Yesterday we visited the temples of Angkor Wat. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

I continued the tour with Lisa and Allen. The brother of the man who brought us to the hotel was our Tuk-Tuk driver for the whole day.

Angkor Wat is a the biggest known temple in the region of Angkor. It has been built in the early 12th century for the king Suryavarman II.
The complex is big enough to spend a whole week there, but to be honest, if you've spend a whole day looking at temples, even this exiting activity get's booring.

Well, as I said before, we bought tickets for one day which cost us 20$.
Our tuk-tuk driver took us from one temple to another and waited at the entrance until we came out.It cost us 15$, including a tip.

Our "tour" started at.. approx 7 am after a small breakfast and ended at like 16 pm. One thing I can tell you... I've never ever sweated so much. You were allowed to climb up nearly every temple.. But at these temperatures you should think twice about that :D

There is not a lot more to tell you about.. The pictures talks for themselves. We had a lot of "ohhh" and "ahhh" moments :D Just incredible.

After wards we all took a shower and a small nap until the evening :) Some real tasty Cambodian food and a Anchor Beer made the evening pretty much enjoyable :D

Since I was not going to take another tour through Angkor I bought a ticket for a so called "VIP" Bus from Siam Reap to Phnom Penh (10$), the capitol of Cambodia. The girls wanted to go there by a normal Bus, which cost 4 dollars less.

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)
By the way, I thank you all for reading and watching my blog. Wouldn't be as much fun as I have now without you! :D

Greetings from Phnom Penh !
I will tell you about this city later, after I had lunch and a massage :D

A very... very... very satisfied Luke
Entry by basti from Germany
On 09.07.2009 at 14:15
bah! I'd love to be there!!!

this pic with the ants is f***ing nice :]
Entry by Dave from Other side of Globe
On 09.07.2009 at 14:06
Hi Luke!!
We just talked about your trip. Amazing!
I'm gonna leave now, you know.

cYa, Dave
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 09.07.2009 at 10:44
Dude, your pictures are F***ing awesome!
But I must admit, you look a little tortured by the high temperature and humidity. Guess all the sweat attract a lot of insects huh?

Enjoy your stay m8!
Entry by Daniel from Deutschland
On 09.07.2009 at 10:19
Hi Luke,

geile Pics ;) sieht aus wie in einem adventure-game.
noch viel Spaß auf der anderen Seite der Erde :)

Entry by Anna from Germany
On 09.07.2009 at 09:09
HI Luke!!! Very very nice pictures!!! Hope u enjoy ur time there and u have fun!!!
Wish u a very nice time!!!
Take care of u and be careful ;-)
Laters !! :-*