The way to Cambodia and Siam Reap
Hey Pals! :D

Finally I found a place with a connection to the rest of the world.
Because I made so many pictures I will have to split the topics a bit.

The way to Cambodia, first to the Thai border was really exiting. You could say it was an adventure. Like I told you before I went to Aranyaprathet by train. The train went at 5:55 from the Bangkok main train station and it took like 5 hours to get there. It cost me 48 Baht.

Because it was a 3rd class only train it was crowned with Thai people, which wasn't bad.
As soon as I arrived in Aranyaprathet I met a nice couple from the Netherlands (Sha and Michael) and we decided to share a tuk-tuk to the border which was like 3 km away.

Ofcourse the tuk-tuk driver didn't go directly to the border. Just like all the Blogs say, they tried to scam us, by telling us we have to get the visa at their "official appointment" which wasn't true at all. So well, we sat in the tuk-tuk and like 3 people were trying to convince us. The only thing we said for like 10 minutes was "No! We will cross the border alone". At the end they were like "Alright, but we've told you"..

The tuk-tuk driver brought us to the border then. Just like everyone is tellig you we did just ignore EVERYONE exept people who looked a bit "official". That was a good idea.
After some paper-work we got the Cambodian Visa and got a free shuttle bus to the bus station where some other 'helpers' were already waiting for us.
That was when I met Lisa and Allen which were already waiting for someone else to share a private cab to Siam Reap with.

That was actually pretty comfortable. It took us like 3 hours to get to Siam Reap with that cab. But with the fun music and the stuff happening on the streets it was just alright :D

When we arrived in Siam Reap there was ofcourse already someone waiting for us. The guy whose name I don't know took us to the city centre and tried to help us finding a Hotel. After checkig the rooms we took a room together with aircon in the Angkor King Hotel.

Because we just didn't wanted to go sleep yet, we went to the mountain temple to see the sunset. (under the condition we buy a ticked for the next day 20$)

This was the first day :)

Comments to the pictures:
- On the way to Siam Reap we had a few stops to refill the car with gas. They were selling gas in 2 liter bottles also :p
- These little cute geckos are everywhere :p Yesterday I had to catch one, which sneaked into our room :p
- No, I had no ride on an elephant so far, it was 20 $, which I find too much
Entry by Franz from Germany
On 09.07.2009 at 14:36
Hey Mitbewohner :D
Sieht ja alles sehr schön aus bei dir, hoffe dir gehts gut. Hier läuft alles seinen normalen Gang;)
Meld dich mal
gruß aus Deutschland
Entry by Tido from Germany
On 08.07.2009 at 23:01
Deine Bilder sind cool! Ich find den Gecko auch lustig :D Und was war das für ein Bauwerk mit den alten Steinen und so?
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
Tido und Imke
Entry by Dave from Somewhere on the Glo
On 08.07.2009 at 21:45
Hey Luke.
I just came back from the city.

Your narrations sound very interesting. I can be jealous, too; though I also go traveling!
It's just 5:45pm over here, so it must be very late in East-Asia. So I suppose you're sleeping well.
I'm looking forward to hearing your stories again in germany.

See you soon, pal ;-)
Entry by Frank from Germany
On 08.07.2009 at 18:48
I'm a bit jealous. Looks awesome :)
Have fun :)

Entry by TATA from Poland
On 08.07.2009 at 15:23
Czesc Lukasz,
zdjecia sa super i w ogole fajne ujecia trafiasz. Ciesze sie bardzo z Twoich atrakcji. Zycze Tobie spokoju aby sie te wszystkie przezycia ulozyly w Tobie i zaowocowaly, no i abys zawsze mogl do nich pamiecia wrocic. Czekam na nastepne fotki i zamawiam te ze zwierzetami - zywymi. :-)