Shopping in Bangkok
Today I spend the whole day with shopping.

Believe me or not, in Bangkok you get everything. No wonder in a city where 10 million people live.
For example yesterday I saw a guy selling IDs, Driver licenses and school Ids from all different countries. All you need were just some Bahts and a picture.

Like I told you yesterday We first tried to get a reservation for the Train which is going to Aranyaprathet.
Just before could enter the waiting hall of the main station a guy from the government train company came to us in order to help us. He asked where we wanted to go, and explained us it wasn't possible to make a reservation for the train as it was a 3rd-class-only train. Basically there are three classes in Trains. The third is free for Thai and consists out of wooden banks all looking into the driving-direction. The second got better banks and the first one even air-con as well as pillowed banks.
The funny thing is, as soon as I told that guy I was going to Cambodia, he started talking about the train being slow (true, it takes about two hours more, theoretically) and advised us to book a private Bus to the border and even to Siam Reap. He said "come I show, I show" and took us to the first floor in a room of the Bus company. The lady told us there is a bus going to Siam reap for only 760 Baht. As this was the only thing I wanted to avoid by taking the train I refused the offer and we left the station. In no less then 30 seconds out of the station we had already a cab to the shopping center for about 67 Baht.

The things I wanted to buy today were easy to get. I was searching for a additional battery, a flash card and a UV filter for my camera as well as some trousers or shorts. The camera stuff we found in a "electronics-only-mall" where you really could get everything you can imagine regarding electronics.

On the ground floor of the mall was a lottery going on. And if there is one thing Thais don't know, than it's noise. Two hot Thai girls were entertaining the crowd, and in the breaks there were bands making funny Thai-pop music. (reminds you to the first music of Britney spears or Hannah Montanna)
Well, I found those things I wanted for about 50% cheaper then in Europe.

The shorts I found in the mall, just next to the electronic mall. Nothing much to say here. A lot of clothes. I got two nice shorts which perfectly fit for 400 Baht (1 Euro = 47 Baht)

But well here is the thing you're surely all waiting for.. The so-called Lady Boys. I never thought it would be so hard to separate them from the real girls. I got taught other. But what I want to mention is, that Lady-boys are normal members of the society here. None treats them in a different way here. That's what I really respect and like about Thailand. They're frank and open to everyone.
Not to forget the real Thai girls :D You can't believe how many hot girls are walking around here. The funny thing is all of them are smiling to you.
Of course that's a part of the Thai-being. If you're happy, ashamed or you just don't know how you are... SMILE!

Some small comments to the pictures:
- The crabs are alive.
- when you enter the subway, you can't access the railway. The subway just stops in the right position, and the inner as well as the outer doors open.
- There are holy places everywhere in the city. There are guys selling roses and incense sticks next to them. People buy those and leave the roses and the sticks at the end of their pray as a gift to the gods.
- There is a 24hour delivery service from all the fast food chains (McDonalds, Burgerking, A&W, Pizza Hut)
I've got myself a BigMac menu today, for 149 Baht(3 Euro including the delivery)

Entry by Klaus+Susanne from Upleward, Eastern Fr
On 07.07.2009 at 17:11
Who in the world needs a 24h delivery service from McDonalds???

Good Luck and a lot of fun for you!
Entry by Marcus from
On 07.07.2009 at 12:43
"I never thought it would be hard to separate them from the real girls."

Do we (really) wanna know how you find that out.
Let me think about ......... not ^^ hope you didn't make bad experience :-P

Have Fun !
Entry by Anna from Germany
On 07.07.2009 at 09:03
Nice Nice Nice!!!!
Have fun Luke and see u next time ;-)
Entry by Alex from Germany
On 06.07.2009 at 13:16
"I never thought it would be hard to separate them from the real girls."

ahahahah :D und die lebenden mr. crabs sind ja mal verdammt geil :> !!!1
Entry by Johannes from Germania
On 06.07.2009 at 10:33
I wondered when the Mc Donalds is coming ;)
Entry by Basti from Germany
On 05.07.2009 at 23:21
Wow ... das sieht da alles so klein auf den bildern aus und so groß in echt :D Ich wünschte ich wär auch dort ^.^

Die Fotos von dem Einkaufszentrum sehen wie kleine Regale (ausgezoomt) aus ...

Wünsche dir noch viel Spaß und gute Besserung!
Entry by Susanne+Klaus from Dortmund, Germany
On 05.07.2009 at 23:02
Hi Luke!

really amazing pictures - seen from our view in Dortmund-Husen ;))) especially this electronic shopping mall - really great!

Greetings to radek - hope he remembers us?

Hope you enjoy your trip - and be aware of the crabs ...