The first day in Bangkok
Hey folks :)

My first day in Bangkok is kinda over now.. It was a long one, believe me :D (and incredibly hot)

We started the day with a very fruity breakfast :) After we exchanged some cash at the Bank we had a second breakfast or.. brunch on the top of a big shopping mall. There are hundreds of them here..

Then we took a motortaxi to the next skytrain station. That's a train which is driving through the whole city in a height of.. about 15 meters.
But infact, the most exiting way of getting from one point to another is taking a motortaxi. You just sit on the back of a motorscooter (without a helmet of course) and they bring you wherever you want. If there is traffic jam, they just take the way between the standing cars.

The Grand Palace of Bangkok is really amazing.. though we (as non-thai) had to pay 350 Baht each to get in.
Nearly the whole palace is made out of gold.. or bronze and then covered with papergold. Thai people can enter this sacred place for free. They come here daily to pray. One some pictures you see them splashing sacred water with a lotus blossom on their heads. For the Thai, the head is the most important part of the body. You have to take care to not touch someone at the head by accident(in the train or in the bus for example) They would be really ashamed then.

The "lieing Bhudda" is also really astonishing. It's 45 meters long and 15 meters tall. We took a small tour from a Thai who then tried to explain us everything for 200 Baht.

At the end of our Tour we took a massage at the Temple massage place. Now don't think it's common that every temple got his own massage place. It was kind of special, because in this temple, long time ago people learned about the human anatomy and learned other people how to do the well-known Thai massage. Radek took a 45 min foot massage, I got a 1 hour long full body massage. I just can advice you to get one too :D

Whatever, later on we went to the next boat stop of the Chao Praya(the river which is going through Bangkok. After driving the river up and down for some time, we got of the Boat in the north of Bangkok to visit a place where Radek lived some years ago. A place for normal average people . (and foreigners/backpackers, like us)

The street, called Khao Sarn is a street filled with small shops, food stores and a whole crowd of people who try to sell you something. You just have to ignore them :P I couln't resist to look at their offers, so they where even more annoying. My fault I guess. :D

Well first we had some yummy roasted Grasshoppers and later on some typical Thai food. (Rice with fried hot chicken and green curry pork)

Those Grasshoppers didn't even tasted that bad. They taste like salt sticks with this extra grasshopper flavour.. Can't describe it.. If you know how a terrarium with grasshoppers smells like, you know how they taste. (My father had one.. so that's why I knew the smell)

Well, tomorrow I will go to shop some, and make a reservation for the train to aranyaprathet. Hoping to find some of this extra wide kung fu trousers, and a nice necklace.

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Luke :D
Entry by Jo from Germania
On 06.07.2009 at 09:57
Nice... what else is there to say...
I guess I can't even imagine how awesome it is over there.
Entry by Mohamed from Egypt
On 05.07.2009 at 16:09
Great Guy, Great Trip.. Enjoy ur trip menz... love ur camera shots! <3
Entry by Dave from Germany
On 04.07.2009 at 20:00
Hi Luke,

we're just chatting and phoning and so on, but nevertheless I want to leave a comment.

I like the photos you already made in Bangkok. I'm looking forward to visiting this country some time in the future.
Very interesting.

Greets from germany,
Entry by Alex from Germany
On 04.07.2009 at 19:31
sieht schon verdammt geil aus :O