Leaving Laos, leaving Asia
Sabai dee (Krap) Everyone!

This will probably be my last post from Asia! I got a flight to catch, in less then three hours!

Right now I am in Bangkok. I got here a few days ago, after going all the way down from Phongsaly (Northern Laos) down to Vientine, then through Northern Thailand. I will spend Christmas in Germany with my Friends and Family :)

I never expected to miss something that much. And apperantly I miss a lot of things right now. My stuff, having a place I can return to every day, having something to do and having a goal in general. I got tought quite a lesson here!
To make it clear, Traveling is nice, but only for a certain amount of time, as everything gets boring after a while! I do not understand how some people can be traveling for three years or more (and I've met those people in the past months)

Most of you, who haven't been traveling for a longer time yet, will probably think.. "Yeah, of course you miss. Home, Friends, Family." "Are you not lonely, going away alone"?

In the last four months, I probably had dinner alone not more then ten times. All the other times I've had friends traveling with me, my hosts having dinner with me after work, or just random people sitting around joining me for dinner (Or vice versa). You're not really alone out there. But then, what do you talk about with such people? Especially the people that you meet for a short term of time only?
It's the same conversation. It's just like when you want to avoid a family meeting, because you know what's going to happen there.

"How have you been?" "What are you doing?" What's your name?" "How old are you?" "Are you a student?" "How long are you traveling/Where are you traveling/how did you like that place?" It's the same conversation over and over again. And I guess you now can imagine that it gets boring / annoying after having it for about 100 times :)

Everything gets booring and the grass is always greener.
I think those are the two mayors things I've learned lately!
Don't get me wrong, I am still happy about everything that has happened, and as well I do not regret to have done anything I did in the past months!

So well... After finishing our Trekking tour in Northern Laos, all my friends went down south, while I still spend one more day in the hotel, recovering and relaxxing!
The next day my journey begain. The goal was set; Getting to Bangkok as fast as possible.

The first day I took a local bus down to the next river, followed by a six hour boat ride to Muang Khua. I stayed in every city for a night, and eventually had time in the afternoons visiting different things or just walk around the city a little bit.
The next day I took another boat down to Muang Ngoi. Muang Ngoi is a very beautiful little village on the riverside. It cannot be accessed by cars, as there are no roads. the only way to reach it, is by boat.
In the last couple of years it developped a lot, as a lot of tourists are visiting it every day.
We arrived there about 2pm in the afternoon and still had enough time visiting a local village, localted an hour hike away from the village center. The village was alright, a usual little village with everything you expect there. The hike to get there was the main thing. Beautiful scenerey, animals all over the place and friendly people.

The probalby best thing in the past view days was the board ride to Muang Ngoi. We were lucky and got a boat with four tourists only . It cost us a little bit more, but we had the best time. There was a little girl on the boat who apperantly didn't know how to be shy. And so she entertained my friend and me for the whole ride. Four hours! I made some really cute pictures :)

Right now I really have to catch a flight and leave the appertement. I will continue writing as I come home, or have enought time to do so.

Back in Germany

That's right. I am back in Germany. Back home.
Took me quite a while to recover and gaining strenght to finish writing this post :)

What was I talking about? Oh yes, the boat ride to Muang Ngoi. That little girl was adorable, we had the bst time :)
Arriving in that little village, we spend the rest of the day hiking around and visiting some other local villages, which turned out to be totally turistic and crowded by people. Not really worth the hike.

On the way back I met some cows, and we had a nice photoshoot, the beautiful scenary in the background. The colours couldn't work together much better.

In general I attach pictures of comming back home. a couple of hundreds of kilometers every day. It took me about five nights and six days from Northern Laos to come back home.


This was the last post for now, as it's Christmas. My girlfriend Liza will come to Germany tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family and me. I'm going to search for an apprenticeship somewhere around Europe for my studies, and probably will be busy for quite some time.
At this point, I want to thank you all for following and commenting my blog. Again, without you it wouldn't have been as great as it was.
I wish you a merry Christmas, and the best for the new year. See you soon.

Ps. If you haven't got my email yet, or you didn't manage to find it. Luke(at)lukehimself.de

Yours Luke
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Thank You very much! Mery Christmas! Weso?ych ?wi?t. Pa !