Mount Fansipan
Hello everyone!

I am back again after being without Internet for quite a while! I didn't expect to be in a place without internet anymore after having all the way from Siberia to Vietnam...

This entry is quite delayed, but I guess it's better to write something, then nothing at all.

Just two days after the trip to the Hilltribes, we decided to go on a bigger trip then before.
Since Sapa is not far away from Mt. Fansipan, many tourist offices offer organized tours to go up there. Mount Fansipan is only 9 kilometers away from Sapa, and it takes about two days to get up on the top.

First we wanted to organize it by ourselves, but then we realized that it's no possible if you do not have the equiptment. A tent, thick sleeping bags, alot of food and water would be the things necessary to take.

After a whole afternoon of gathering information and comparing all the different tourist offices, Chris (a guy from England we met on the way), Ismael and me decided to take a two day, one night tour for 70 USD. That would include sleeping bags, breakfast, lunch and dinner, accomodation in a bamboo hut for the night as well as a English speaking guide.

After a one hour bus ride to the base of the mountain we started trekking. We started hiking at about 1800 meters. The first camp where we would have lunch was at about 2200 meters and the base camp around 2800 meters. To get to the first camp, we had to hike around four hours. To get to the basecamp it was another four and a half hours. The guide first told us that it would take two hours. After two hours we asked "How much more do we have to hike to get to the camp". The answer was shocking! "Oh, two hours more maaaaaan, I lied to you! Hahahahah".
Very funny! :D

To be honest, I was quite destroyed once arriving up there. The way was quite hard, but beautiful in the same time. Walking up those mountains we kept comming closer to a sealing of clouds. I've never seen something like this before. Fansipan was misteriously hidden in clouds, and you had no idea how much more way there was left ahead of you. Finally another one hundred meters higher, we finally reached the point where we walke into the clouds. It was stunning. Seeing the mist just infront of your eyes, blowing over the mountain tops.. crazy!

We didn't have much time watching, because we had to go on walking and climbing. It seemed like there was no end. Near to total exhaustion we finally arrived in the camp and instantly went to bed! At 3 pm.
After a good nap we got dinner, which consisted of Steamed rice, fried vegetables, tofu and noodles. Also it was the right time to take out the apple wine that Ismael and me brought up all that way. A real treat after that hard day of walking.

The next morning we woke up at seven, got a light breakfast and didn't waste much time to rush up the last 450 meters to the top! Colder and foggier then the day before it was even harder then we imagined.
At some point we came to a place that looked just like the top, but then had to find out that we walk on the top of other mountains comming closer to fansipans top. One mountain top after the other.. I arrived on the top of Mount Fansipan being again, close to total exhaustion.

Together with me: Chris, Ismael, Kim (Korea) and Sasha (Russia)!

It was a great hike, definitely a physical challange and a great feeling to stay ontop of Vietnams highest peak!

Today I am in Phongsali, a little town in the north of Laos, and sadly I have no more power and time to make another post.
Tomorrow I am heading south again, direction Lua Prabang... where I hopefully have more time to catch up on posts!

Yours Luke
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On 07.12.2011 at 19:34
Hey Luke,
Dank dir für die Karte! Verfolge regelmäßig was du so machst :) Ich wünsch dir weiterhein viel Spaß! Lad weiterhin so schöne Bilder hoch!