Finally in Bangkok
After a 10-hour long flight I finally arrived in Bangkok, though I expected the flight to be 12 hours long.

My uncle picked me up after I got the baggage and the first thing we went to do was to get something to drink.

We bought us a bottle of water in the Airport for 10 Baht, that's around 25 cents.

It's really hot and moist here. I'm lucky he got a pool in the House of his apartment. It's a really nice apartment from which you got a nice view over the whole City :D

Ahh yes... the way from the Airport to his aparment... We took a taxi.. What I didn't knew was that they drive on the left side.. just like in the UK. :p Belts in the Taxi? noo.. that'd be too much. Though we nearly had a crash with a young woman :p That are my first Impressions.. :p

Greets from Thailand.
Entry by Jenny from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 20:16
This looks awesome!
Du bist doch nicht sooo allein da wie ich dachte...ich bin beruhigt ;-D
Viel Spaß in Thailand
und kauf dir keine Thaimädchen , es könnten Männer sein :-P
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
Entry by Tobias from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 20:14
Hallo hier ist Tobi ich wollte sagen das die Bilder schön sind und wünsche dir noch viel spaß

Entry by Anna und Jo from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 17:18
Hey u lucky son of a b*** ;) also bilder sehen ja schonmal echt nice aus. And the text is in english..... LOVE IT We wish u a nice stay and take more of those nice pictures! Anna und Jo
Entry by Patricia from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 16:58
Hey Luke, wow das sieht ja super aus! Echt cool! Da wirst du bestimmt viel erleben ;) Viel Spaß :) Grüße
Entry by Doug from USA
On 03.07.2009 at 16:26
Lukas, Enjoy your holidays in Bangkok. Please no driving for you, rent a bycycle or walk.
Entry by Imke from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 13:53
Schön, dass alles geklappt hat!!! Und Radek sieht noch immer genauso aus wie früher - grüße ihn bitte sehr herzlich von mir! Bin in Köln bei Helmut im Büro - er hat Deine website immer im Blick! :-) Liebe Grüße, Mama.
Entry by Damaris from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 13:40
Nice! Schöne Bilder ;) Will auch wieder in Urlaub...
Entry by Dave from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 11:55
Hi Luke You're there, nice!
Hope you will have fun in Thailand.

Btw: Nice explanations above :P

Greets from the far, far west
Entry by Helmut from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 11:58
Wenn Du zurück bist, üben wir mal das Ausrechnen von spring erst einmal in den Pool, aber nicht von oben! :-)
Entry by Frank from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 11:54
This looks awesome! Your uncle laughs like you ;) Small slit eyes like you! Frank
Entry by Alex from Germany
On 03.07.2009 at 11:52
Gut angekommen?! ^^ Keine Lust den Text oben zu lesen ;P Cool cool, nice one :>