Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning everyone!

I am in Vietnam.

It wasn't easy to leave Harriets lovely appartement in the middle of Hong Kong, for sure. But I had to do continue going.
After I got the plane tickets from Germany sent to Hong Kong by postal service , I had to leave. In hurry, but yet not stressed I didn't get up at 6 am to catch the early flight, but instead slept untill twelve and took the evening flight. It's still holidays, right?

So I got up at twelve.. next thing I know, I am in Saigon. Slept through the flight like a baby, gosh was I tired. Why?

After I got out the plane, It took around an hour to get my Vietnamese Visa. It's not that they have strict Visa regulations like China, but it seems that they want to make the impression, but then don't really give a sh!t.

So... I got the Visa, my backpack, and a book about Vietnam and Laos. Where to go next? I didn't really do any preperations so I just had to find a place to sleep for the night. I looked up some address in the book and tried to find a taxi taking me there. First guy I asked wanted 20 dollars! Obviously I would not let him get me like that. Walking away from him, another guy came running towards me, offering me the same trip for only seven dollars. Still too much I thought.
Then I saw two white people standing next to a taxi counter, trying to get a ride as well. We ended up sharing a cap for only 2 dollars each :)

After a 30 minute ride to the city center we arrived in a main backpacking area, I guess. I followed the German couple to their hotel, and took a look at the rooms. Bargaininga little bit, I got the price for a single room with Aircon and Fan, private bathroom, free wifi, fridge and Tv down to 10 dollars a night. Not the cheapest, but for those conditions sure a good deal, I guess. Vietnam is hot. I would probably die without an Airconditioner.

We all took a round around the block, bought some drinks and fruits, then went back to the hotel.

So today I've been spending my day sleeping long, and then trying to figure out a plan for the following weeks. Going north is the motte, I think. Since my plan is sleeping outside for at least a few nights in this trip, somewhere on the beach where nobody else is, I think I want to check out the malaria situation here. Probably I am going to ask a local doctor for advise. Locals laughed at me, asking them about malaria. It's sure around, but uncommon. That's what they say.

Also I've been quite busy rearranging my baggage. Comming from the north I had so much things to carry. Heavy clothes, a tent, a heavy sleeping bag. All gone. I sent it home in order too loose weigh, and now my backpack is actually too empty.

I also bought a few t-shirts, since my t-shirt/day ratio drasticially went up from one to about three. Yes, again, it's hot and I am not used to it :D
My heavy boots will remain in my backpack, but I am going to throw away my sneakers, for good. At this point I want to say thanks to Vincent from Chicago who gave me those sneakers a half year ago. They were sure good sneakers. Got me through the Taiga, the Gobi, up on the great wall of China and then through Asia untill Vietnam. Who would have thought they would make that trip back to Asia again :D And yes, that's also how they smell like now.

Got myself the perfect outfit not to stick out of the crowd. Flip Flops and Vietnam tshirts! Haha.

Enjoy the few pictures I made, I haven't had much time being the usual tourist yet!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions where to go, I would be happy to hear about it. I am probably going to do a three day trip to the Mekong Delta. Then head north.

I was listening to Creedence Clearwater - Fortunate son while writing this. BFVietnam

The last days I've been spending sightseeing and shopping in Saigon. I have been visiting the Cu Chi tunnels, the war remaints museum and some famous temple which's name I forgot..

I will upload a few pictures later as I arrived in Da Lat. I met up with a French girl and we're going to travel together for a few days. Taking a night bus tonight which will take around 7 hours to get to Da Lat.

See you soon, thanks for the nice comments :)
Entry by Helmut from Germany
On 08.11.2011 at 19:19
Hi Luke,
I´m really shocked! I didn´t know what a spoiled guy you throw away your (Vincent´s) nice sneakers..I´m sure they would have been good for at least two more months. What a life when you don´t have to save your money! ;-)
Did you take the flight with Cathay Pacific? No problem with your stand-by ticket? Well done to wait for "my" cheap tickets instead of buying the official expensive I will be gracious and give my belated okay to your deal New Flip Flops against Foul-Smelling Sneakers :-)
Ah...btw...I´m looking forward to the smell of your baggage package you sent to us...if the post will deliver it without extra charge :-)
Entry by Klaus&Susanne from Germany
On 08.11.2011 at 15:16
Hey Luke!

We are back from a two weeks trip to southern france. Only 1.400km - just a stone's throw from your point of view ... ;)

Fortunately the internet only transports digital data and no smells, otherwise the pic with the sneakers might cause a problem in the net ... ?

Good luck with the next pair of footwear and further good journey!
Entry by Tido from Germany
On 06.11.2011 at 20:20
Hi Luke,
I came back from two weeks Landesjugendorchester NRW yesterday and had no internet, so I just read the last 4 reports. Fenghuan seems to be awesome!! :D And the costumed people were really cool (especially the zombie-kid :D!)
I heard you want to come home for christmas with Liza??
See you then,
Entry by Vincent from USA
On 06.11.2011 at 16:23
This blog post made my week. Job well done, I am glad you wore those shoes into the ground. They look disgusting :)
I am proud of you Luke, and the Pumas too. They treated me well on my backpacking trip throughout Europe and I am happy to see you took advantage of their sole.
Miss you guys-

See you in Chicago?
Entry by Dave from Germany
On 05.11.2011 at 23:16
Hey Luke,

welcome to Viet Nam!
Well, Mekong Delta is important, indeed. To give you just some more stations for your route to the north, that I like very much, look here:

- Na Trang - I dunno if you want to get a suit tailored. But if you do want, you should do it here.
- Hue
- Halong Bay, in the north-east, not far from Hanoi =)

Just ask me for details, if you want to know ;)

Regards from Berlin