Hong Kong
Hong Kong baby!

Hello everyone! Hong Kong is awesome. I arrived here, pretty soon a week ago!

I am staying with Harriet, who I got in contact with via Couchsurfign. Harriet is a real hong kong citizen and lives in a beautiful appartement in North Point, Hong Kong Island. Also I was not the only guest in Harriets appartement. Another Couchsurfer, Richard from New York, was staying at her place.

Harriet has a busy life, a lot of work to do so she is usually busy during the daytime. I spend the mornings getting up late, and then taking care of different things I had to do. Also sightseeing. In the evenings we've been going out in the city, drinking, eating, walking around.

Hong Kong is so different. So international, clean, busy, crazy! I really enjoy the city. Also, I am really taking it slow at the moment. I know people who would say that I am wasting time. It feels so good. I haven't got up earlier then 10, haven't had breakfast earlier then 11 and haven't left house before 12 in about a month now. It's so relaxxing. The best thing, I don't even feel bad about it :)

The first days I've been trying organizing things, trying to figure out where I'll go next and how I'll get there. As it seems I am going to Saigon next week and then travel north untill I hit Hanoi. For different reasons I am cheating on myself and flying, for the first time eversince I got to Moscow. If my calculations are right, I spend about 200 hours in trains, and about 20 hours in buses making a distance of about ~12000 kilometers. It adds up, faster then you realize :D

So.. Hong Kong.. It's like in a book. Thousands of big flashy glowing signs advertizing shops, hanging over the street. Many western shops, restaurants, hotels and yet it still has this chinese touch. Walking through the streets of Hong Kong, talking to the people you notice fast that the British have a big influence on the culture. People actually have a british accent.

So.. I attach a bunch of pictures with comments this time, and also a video, the first one in a long time.
When creating this blog, I totally forgot about Youtube being blocked on the China Mainland, so I was unable to upload anything.
The video is from two days ago when we went to the Happy Valley Horse races. First time for me, but a hell lot of fun!

Talk to you soon!

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