Fenghuang - Phoenix
Hey there!

Obviously this report is a bit late, probably because I am not in the mood of writing something down.

So well, I am in this town called Phoenix. At first, I have to admit it was overwhelmingly beautiful. So many little traditional looking houses, narrow alleys and no pollution. It takes you about two days to realize that this town is made of tourist shops.

Just like in any other chinese city, there is a part of the town which is crowdy, dirty, loud and polluted. (new city In the middle of that part there is the old city which looks like I destribed before. There are no steets in the old city, which might be the reason for the lack of pollution and loudness. Anyway, there am I. In a small hostel not far from the new city.

For chinese standarts this might be a small city. I would guess the population of this city is something around 300.000 people. Middle sized, for Germany ;)

So by daytime the town really has this "ancient" touch, which is hard to describe. Traditional chinese roofs, houses build on/over the water, green water with little boats on it. By nighttime, everything changes. The town turns into a huge disco, with every single roof being lighted, huge red advertisement signs, disco lights, a lot of loud noisy music being played. It's crazy.

In the last few days I've been feeling like a superstar sometimes. It's silly to say, but once you get here, suggesting that you're not chinese, you'll know what I am talking about.
Walking through the city, I've literally seen thousand of people, thousand of tourists. Not a single white person. Only me.
That's what people have been telling me about. "Once you get to a small city, you will see people staring at you"
Infact, I feel like some kind of stature sometimes.

Little children, run to me, poke me and run away giggeling. Or just get big eyes, run to their parents and go something like "mama, mana, look there, who's that?" (I guess)
Random people pose next to me like to a tourist attraction. Mostly women. Sometimes they have the courtesy to ask me, if I want to take a picture with them, mostly they don't. I guess it's funny when a crowd of chinese girls gather around you, ask you all kind of different questions, tell you in your face that you're handsome and ask for your email adress. If you been to Asia, you might imagine how "normal" it is, if you haven't it sure sounds weird.

Yesterday evening I got invited to drink beer with some guys. I noticed that some people think that all we Germans drink is beer. Exclusivly. It took me some time to explain them, that also I am a human, and not everything I drink is made of beer.

I guess, reading untill now, you might have noticed that I am a bit annoyed ;)

I am sleeping in a hostel dorm room with 8 beds of which mostly 3 or so are taken. A night costs me 20 RMB (2.30€), and a good meal outside costs me about 10 RMB. It's pretty cheap, I have to admit.
I got myself a train ticket from Jishou to Shenzhen, the town before the border of Hong Kong. Since my Visa is ending in a few days I have to get out of the country (Mainland). For those who don't know. Hong Kong is part of China, but it has different visa policies, a different law system as well as a different currency (Hong Kong Dollars) It has been a British Colony some years ago, and now is one of two Special administrative regions (SARs). In difference to European people, Chinese people need a Visa to go to Hong Kong. That's why for me, going to HK is like leaving the country.

I am happy to go to Hong Kong, I guess it must be a pretty amazing city. My two goals are to get a Vietnamese VisAa and send most of my heavy and warm cloth back to Germany, as I won't need them in S-E Asia nor India anymore.

Enjoy the pictures. I just commented on a very few ones, the necessary ones.
Entry by simona from Germany
On 23.10.2011 at 12:22
Heeeeeey Superstar,
just wanted to say hey and see where in the world you are... It's probably a strange feeling that you are treated like a statue or i don't know, but i think you handle it very well...I'm very jealous of you, getting to know so many new things,people and famous places...it might be very much fun! And i hope you get to know a lot of nice couchsurfers (in return) like you had to be a very nice host :)
Yesterday i have been the first time after our move out to Kastanienallee, it was a strange feeling and i really miss it. I had lunch at the Viatnemese place and he wanted me to say to you all best wishes and a nice trip furthermore. He was kidding and asked which partners are active for you and me. I think he is still confused of all our visitors we brought there :)
I am still searching for you with the Australian thing, I'll let u know ;)
Until now, best wishes from me, sorry for bad English, but i will start an English course at University, so it will be better in a few month :)

Bug Hugghies for you, hope to see you soon, byebye
Simona :-)
Entry by Liza from Russia
On 22.10.2011 at 18:19
Hey, superstar))Don't take off very high;))
City looks so cute at night and so mysterious during the day. I think that i like Chinese architecture)When i'm looking at these pictures word "secret" comes to my head, with the feeling that this buildings hide something, maybe because Asian style of life and life in all differs a lot from mine.
The city is so nice and their food is so awful)))how can they it all these creepy stuff))
Have fun and kisses to you)