Zhangjiajie City
Sniff... Snifff.. I got a cold again.

Somehow I've been unlucky with the health lately. I have no idea where I catched that up again. It has been above 25 °C for the last two weeks everywhere I've been and yet I feel like I've been crossing Alaska in winter with nothing but shorts.

I am in Zhangjiajie City right now. This is truly a small city, with "only" one point six million citizens. I've got to know my new "host" Vincent through Couchsurfing. Vincent is a Student in Zhangjiajie Univercity and studies English literature! Finally someone you can talk about English Movies with! ;D Vincent lives in a dorm, so he could not offer me his couch. He asked his friends from University if I could stay in their flat and they agreed! So for the last two nights I've been staying with two Chinese girls and boys who share a appartement in the campus of the university.

I've planned to leave the city today, but due to that cold I decided to spend one day in bed and get rid of it. Since I am going to spend a week in the park, one day more in the city will not destroy my plans after all.. I've noticed that the smaller the city gets, the cheaper everything is. While in Beijing or Wuhan a decent meal costs around 16-20 RMB (2 €), in Zhangjiajie it will cost you only 6-12 RMB (80cents - 1,5€). There is one exception though; Tourist attraction entrance fees. It's so expensive! There are two main places of interest in this city. The national park and the tianamen mountain. Entry to both of those places costs 258 RMB (Around 30€) I'm too greedy to visit both of them.

I decided to spend more, pay 300RMB and get a week ticket for the park. My backpack is packed already, there is a plan how to meet people to camp with, I am only waiting for my nose to get better.

When I arrived here, Vincent got on the phone which I gave to some taxi-driver-looking-guy and bargained a decent taxi price for me. He told the driver where to go, as well. Arriving at the campus, he introduced me to his friends and we went out to have lunch together.
People here got some "Spanish" attitude! As Zhangjiajie is know for being a town of extreme temperatures, people are used to increadible hotness as well as to freezing temperatures. It seems there is some kind of "siesta" thing going on here! Everytime we eat lunch Vincent and his friends like to take a nap before doing something, as the midday is just too hot to go outside. Hot and dry.

I'm going back to bed, take a nap like everyone else, drink a tea and try to feel better!

I hope you're doing alright,


While writing this I was listening to: Blizzen Trapper - Furr