A crowded place - Wuhan
Hello everyone!

First off, thank you for the great comments on my last post!

You didn't hear from me in a while because I was changing places so frequently that I did not really have time to upload or write anything.
I think since my last post that I've uploaded in Beijing, I've moved about 1200 kilometers and slept in 3 different appartements.

Plans, again, changed. Instead of going to the yellow mountain (Huang Shan) we dicided to stay in Wuhan untill the national holidays are over. The yellow mountain is a central touristic spot in China and is so crowded that even a hostel stay would cost around 26 euros a night. I am talking about a bed in a dorm with six people sleeping in the same room. That's crazy.

So Tomek and me took a express night train from Beijing to Wuhan, soft sleeper. That means first class. Sadly that was the onlything left we could buy to get out of the city before the weekend. Arriving in Wuhan in the morning, we took a taxi to our host Scott. Generally speaking, Wuhan is a lot cheaper then Beijing. Of course, it's not the capitol. You can get a full meal for not much more then two €, a bus ride for less then 30 cents, and a beer in a pub for not more then a Euro. On the other hand, Wuhan has a lot less attractions, but still the city wants to make a lot money on it. That makes all the attractions really expensive, and sometimes not even worth seeing.
If you're more then two people, it's always acceptable to take a taxi, wherever you go. The price difference to taking a bus is about 50 cents.

The first thing we noticed when arriving in Wuhan were the masses of people. It seems Wuhan is even more crowded then Beijing. Looking at the map of China, Wuhan looks like a middle sized city. Well, 10 million people they have here. It's a lot bigger then I expected.

I don't think there is THAT much to see in Wuhan. We've been hanging out with Aron, Vickies best friend from highschool who moved here to study. Basicially we've been spending days walking around the city, eating, visiting game pubs, normal pubs and eating.
Game pubs are something really nice that I didn't know yet. Imagine a normal pub with alot comfortable couches offering tons of different table games, together with the usual beverages and snacks. Luckily they had a game that I knew best, so I tought my friends playing "The settlers of Catan - The Seafarer"!

So, Wuhan is a lot more chinese then Beijing. More people, more cars, more traffic, more dirt, more chaos. Walking the streets of Wuhan is fun tho. But for a German guy, this all seems just like one big unorganized chaos :) I think I am spoiled, in that sense!

Today I really didn't do much. Tonight I am going to catch a 3 am train to Zhanjiajie where I will go camping. My host Matthew gave us a set of spare keys, so we could come and go whenever we wanted. I spend the day inside, checking out the Internet for possibilities to go to Korea, updating my website and chatting with Liza.

Tomek left the "group" like three days ago, making his way to Hong Kong where he takes a flight to Kathmandu, and Vicky left me this evening, going back to study in Beijing. I am alone again, for a change.

Read the picture comments for more info, more exciting news next week, I guess!



Entry by Rachel from California,USA
On 10.10.2011 at 10:40
i hope ur blog finally lets me comment this time! lol. Interesting post! It makes me miss traveling. I dontknow if you saw any of my other comments but i got a teaching job in Hunan at Xian University. i dont know if im going to take it because i dont think the Chinese suburbs would be a good place for a city california girl like me. If you make it by Hunan let me know what u think. take care and safe travels!
- Rach
Reply by Luke
On 10.10.2011 at 15:23
Hey Rache!
First off, Xian is not in Hunan as far as I know? Or maybe it's just the universities name? In what city is it?

China is so different. I would suggest you speak to one of my former hosts, they cn tell you more about it. I can get you in contact if you want :)
Personally, I would be excited to do it, although I consider teaching in S-E Asia more exciting!
But one thing is clear. As good as I know you, you will do good, anywhere! :D
Entry by Vicky from China
On 09.10.2011 at 08:07
I just arrived in my dorm now and opened my laptop, surprisingly found a new blog and luckily I could be the first person to post comment here again =P

Well, Wuhan trip is quite nice beyond my imgination, Everyday is relaxed and pretty funny. That fake German beer festival;) and Scott's six ppk adventure, Wonderful Matthew, first time fall in love with board games(oh man, let us play Da Vinch'code every time =P), and Helen's cafe, last night's small cheese,lol

I cherish every day, every min spent with you guys. Btw, Tomek and I didn't leave you, we are both with you now mentally, reading your blog and travel together with you =]

Looking forward to your new blog about Avanta and see you are in it ;) stay warm and away from sick.

Best wishes and I will keep following your website.