Tomorrow morning I will leave for a few days, so I will share with you now!

I am lying on a couch of a young couple, Alex and Irina who live in Irkutsk! I found them on Couchsurfing, and they offered me to stay with them for a couple of days!

To be honest, I don't have much to say about Irkutsk. It's a middle sized city with around 800.000 citizens, It's like all cities lying next to a river, but I guess the one special thing is, It's only 70 kilometers away to lake Baikal! People call Baikal the pearl of Siberia! A tourist goal.

Anyway, I didn't spend much time outside, but hang around with Alex and Sheldon all day long instead. Unfortenuately Alex got into a car accident a few months ago and still has to attend physical therapy in the hospital every day. That's why he has so much time! Basicially we were chatting, grocerie shopping, cooking and eating!
He also took me through the town with the car once, to show me around! :)

Alex and Irina live in Irkutsk for 3 years now, they moved here from Bratsk, because of the city, more posibilities and action. I think their old citie is about 600 kilometers up in the north, no distance in Siberia! If you wondered who Sheldon is... It's a ferret! Alex named him after Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, a american show that we both love! It's a increadible funny and cute animal. Clean as a cat, and fun all day long! :) The only bad thing is that he bites your face in the night! :D So today we put him into the cage.. Sorry Sheldon, it was me who suggested this.

So well, tomorrow I am leaving to Olkohn Island, the , I think only island of Lake Baikal. Since it's rather far (200-250 kilometers) and the Island is only reachable by private minibusses,I will take all my stuff, and get into a very famous guesthouse on the island! Nikitas Homestay, they call it! Let's see if it's any good ;D

Oh, I made a few pictures while searching for a new Jacket. I had no jacked against Rain and Wind, and actually it's really windy here.

Enjoy, and see you in a few days!

Plan: Olkohn Island for 3 days -> One night in Irkutsk -> Train to Ulan Ude with one nightstay -> Mongolia

Thanks for reading, following and commenting guys :)


Update about Irkutsk and the pictures
Okay I have to say a few things about Irkutsk. First off, the town looks really mixed. On the one hand, you have new buildings made out of glass, and on the other hand, you have 200 year old wooden buildings in every inch of the city. It's a big contrast that you can't oversee.

Also, Japanese cars are very popular here. As you see I got a little impressed by all the different busses and cars, and could't keep my lens off them :) I think those cars are really cute!

That's all for now, because I have to sleep!
Entry by TATA, Michu, Andre from Poland
On 17.09.2011 at 21:28
beatyfull :-)
Entry by Patryk from Poland
On 15.09.2011 at 14:03
Luke ! it's an incredible trip !
zazdroszcz? odwagi !
czekam z niecierpliwo?ci? na nast?pne newsy!
pics looks fabulously !!
keep warn !
see you soon my friend !
Entry by Mateusz from Poland
On 13.09.2011 at 22:08
Heh no Sheldon wymiata :D to seryjnie misja w czasie jak polska za czasów PRL :D dobrze wygl?dasz Luke :D a Kinder gówien w Niemczech nie ma po to ?eby? mia? po co do polski jecha? :P Pozdrawiam
Entry by Liza from Russia
On 13.09.2011 at 17:37
You know that i have never been in Irkutsk and it was very interesting to read about and watch photos)looks very similar with Moscow, maybe because it's also Russia, but at the same time really contrast city, like a mix between city and village)good luck for your trip and kiss Sheldon from me ( you know how i like animals))will be looking forward to hear from you soon))