Somewhere near to Moscow
Hello Friends,

I found a little time to write something down today. Liza and her Mother who has birthday today are in the gym and I have a little time checking mail, staying in touch with traveller friends and future hosts, tidy up, prepare and take care of left issues in Germany :)

We just returned to Moscow today, so that I could get my second Anti-Rabies-Immunization. One left, in seven days! We spend the last few days in a small private village which calls itself Ulianina (spelling?) Private because it's made of people who bought themselves a little piece of land, and pay for everything they want, together. Like Roads, Electricity and stuff like that. I didn't really understand everything, but I do not think it's an official village.

Lizas family has a piece of land next to the forrest there, with a house that they built themselves. It's a sanctuary to which they escapte to on the weekends and holidays to get away from all-busy-moscow. Ulianina has no grocery shops, no asphalt streets, no running water from the tab, no canalization, no cable, no phonelines. Everything you want, you have to bring and do yourself. For people who know how this works it might be rediciolous to read about it, but at the same time I know that it's unbeleavable for some, that have never experienced such conditions (without rating them). I attached a few pictures with descriptions!

In all, there are four buildings. One house with several bedrooms, a living room and a small shower (With water from the well), an outhouse ("Plumsklo"), a kitchen-house and a Banja. I guess you could call it a traditional russian Sauna.
Maybe I've been in too few places in Germany, but I guess such places are rare to find, not too common. If you walk two minutes, you have fields and forrests as far as the eye reaches. So much silence. The thing is, if you worked all day long to make food, prepare shower, clean up, and take care of your house and garden (Where you grow food) you don't even feel a little bit bad about doing nothing anymore for the rest of the day. It's a relief.

This time I am not able to attach more then a few pictures because I simply didn't take more. I knew I was going back(tomorrow) and I didn't want to spoil the silence and relaxxing moments by taking my camera out and making a picture. I will do a few pictures this week and put them into this post, unless I have something else to say :)

Acutally, Liza and her Mother as well as father returned now, and we'll have dinner followed by champagne and cake!

I also bought the train tickets to Irkutsk (near to lake Baikal) this week. After long consideration and informations of Liza I decided to buy the cheapest tickets availible. Non-firm train 082if, third class. 3585 Rubles (89€) for roughly 5200 kilometers, 87 hours of pure train ride is pretty cheap, I say. :)

Update 2:
So I returned to Moscow from the Countryside again to visit the dentist and get my last shot of rabies-immunization.
Yesterday evening we visited the cinema to see "Rise of the Apes", in one of Moscows (18 million citizens) two English cinemas. I think it's rediciolous how few English cinemas a huge city like moscow has. Not to mention that we were the only ones in this 150-seat cinema :)
Anyway, the movie was not as good as I hoped, but in all the evening turned out to be very nice. Today we basicially spend the whole day shopping groceries for the trainride. I think I am overloaded. I got it all. Breat, butter, cheese, anchovis, all kinds of meat, tea, sweets and everything! :) I added a picture! To be honest, I think it's too much. But hey, I never rode the train for such a long time, so more is better then less. I spend about 500 rubles on the groceries, not counting the things Lizas mother gave me for free. Counting everything together, I think the supplies are around 1000 rubles, which is pretty cool for 4 days. Maybe I'll get a little hungry and go to the onboard-cafeteria. I probably will, since I get to meet some people, hopefully :)

Also, my old phonenumber doesn't work anymore (ending on 084)
I now use a Russian Pre-Paid card with the number: +7 915 386 4816 where you could reach me for a probably rediciolous price of 2+ euro a minute :) (or cheaper via skype!)

Next post, probably Monday or Tuesday, from Irkutsk!

Greetings from Moscow,

Yours Luke

Poka Poka
Entry by Mateusz from Poland
On 11.09.2011 at 23:00
No i masz wpierdal za nie odbieranie telefonu :)
Entry by Mateusz from Poland
On 11.09.2011 at 22:54
Noo Lukas widze szalejesz zakupy w "real"?? marka "tip" to z reala :d daj znac jak bedziesz mial kontakt z swiatem powodzenia ide spac :D rano do pracy
Entry by Simona from
On 11.09.2011 at 13:46
ich hoffe du bist allright=)
Habe gestern an dich gedacht, als ich mir ne Packung Moods gekauft habe! Du hast echt gefehlt :(
Wünsche dir viel Spaß weiterhin und take care !
Entry by Helmut from Germany
On 05.09.2011 at 11:26
Hi Luke,
sounds to be a very quiet place...and very different to our daily life. I would like to take your place least for some days! ;-) Watching the wonderful mushroooms makes me envy you.. :-) Mir läuft beim Anblick das Wasser im Mund zusammen, und ich bilde mir ein, die Pilze riechen zu können!!! :-)
Wish you nice last days in Moscow and an interesting trip to Irkutsk. Let us see, whether you will travel 3rd class again on the following legs... :-) Say hello to Liza and her family!!!
Reply by Luke
On 06.09.2011 at 16:04
Oh the Mushrooms... We found like 5 or 6 buckets mushrooms in total in about a week. Liza and her Mother made a dish called "Julien", it's French. Very tasty! :)

I delivered the Hello, and greetings back from the family :)