Leaving to Moscow

As promised I serve you the first news, from Moscow!

I arrived here two days days ago after a very sressy week in Berlin. The flight took about two hours and I was lucky to get picked up by my girlfriend Liza and her mother by car. As all airports are positioned outside the city, it's takes a little while to get home without a car.

We didn't do much the first day as I was just too tired, and too happy to finally have arrived. Liza and her Parents live in a small neat appartment on the first floor of a block, just like any other block that you can see on the pictures. It's located in the southeast of the City centre, so that it takes around one hour to get to the centre. I don't know why, but I never realized Moscow was such a giant city.

The next day we visited a honeyfair. Just like the name suggests, it's a fair about honey from Russia. You could try and buy all kinds of honey from all the different ethnic groups of Russia. We took a honeycomb, and honey-dipped bakery home. Very tasty!

Yesterday we basicially spend the day walking around Moscow, after a loong lazy morning, of course :) Like I mentioned before, It took around an hour to get to the centre. After getting out of the Metro and walking over the Moscow-River you couldn't miss one gigantic black statue which juts out of the city. Peter the Great. I thik I never seen a stature as huge as his, in my life. Impressive. Of course Liza knows about the history, and was a perfect city guide :)
We continued walking to the red square, around the Kremlin. Sadly there is a big event upcomming so that you could not really make pictures of the Red Square. I will later upload a video I made of the changing of the Guards of Honor, infront at the Eternal flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

One last thing about the pictures of the metro.. Getting home in the Rushour, isn't good by car, neither by metro. Lizas father said that it's holiday time in Moscow, so that now it's really empty and it will be three times more crowded at the first of September. Check out the pictures of the people in the Metro around 18:00 after work. Crazy :D

We will go to the countryside of Moscow, where Lizas family have a vacation house where they spend their weekends and holidays. No Internet, You will hear from me next week probably!

Ps. I hope you noticed a new feature on this blog. If you have a question, just ask in a comment, I am able to reply on that.

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Entry by Andi Schäfer from Germany
On 05.09.2011 at 16:10
The ?????? schould normaly mean "Fsevo haroschova" but with russian signs. ;)
Reply by Luke
On 06.09.2011 at 16:02
Spasiba! Greetings from Liza and her Mother! No hard feelings about that talk ;) I guess we could meet on Skype soon!
Entry by Andi Schäfer from Germany
On 05.09.2011 at 16:06
Hello my friend!

I´m happy to hear that you arrived well in Moscow. I´m a little bit unhappy about the very short call we had before you left. Sorry for that. :-/
I wish you a very nice time on your trip. I hope you will enjoy everything and gain a lot of experience about all the different cultures. Can´t wait to see all the other great pictures you will take. ;-) Nice greetings to Liza and her Family, especially her mother which I met already. Maybe she can remember me. :-)

Luke, ????? ????????!

Entry by rachel zlotnik from California,USA
On 31.08.2011 at 10:35
Looks fun:)
Entry by basti from germany
On 28.08.2011 at 15:36
Great pictures you got there <3 hope youll have a great time with lizas family!