Cologne, Eitorf, Hitchhiking and stuff
So this is what happened in the past few days!

After getting to know Rachel through Couchsurfing in Berlin we've decided to meet up again to travel together!

As "Rhine in Flames", a firework festival in Bonn being the ultimate goal of this trip it came just right that I, for several differnt reasons still rent a flat in Bonn! After arriving there by train Friday night we used Bonn as some kind of base for the next few days. I attached a few pictures of our walk to the "Sieg", a river nearby which flows into the "Rhine" just before Cologne!

Next day, Mothers day, We visited my family in Eitorf, the place where I used to live with my parents a few years ago before moving to Bonn. Moving away from there, to Bonn and then to Berlin made me realize how much I miss the nature there. I added a few pictures from a walk we had with my mother Sunday afternoon in Hove, a small village outside of Eitorf.

After using the car to randomly drive around through forrests and fields Monday morning, we made our way to Cologne. Mostly we visited the Cologne Catheral, known as the "Kölner Dom(e)". We were lucky as it wasn't too late to get ontop of the towers of which I attached a few pictures as well. Me being totally unlucky and maybe a bit silly the last times I visited Cologne, this was the first time I made it up there! 533 steps of narrow circular stairs, 100 metres straight up until the viewing platform!

A part from the firworks(which, to put it in a nice way, not the best fireworks I've seen ), we got to the best part of this trip. On the way back home, to Berlin we decided to Hitchhike back to Berlin for the sake of hitchhiking. After (Couchsurf-)hosting a guy from Poland a few weeks ago, I got a lot advise on how-to and where-to, feeling optimistic about reaching our goal in one day. Okay, I have to admit, I took an additional day off - just in case.

Rachel and I put the flags of our countries on a piece of carton, so that people would recognize where we're from!
Under that we always put the main destination and the nearest next desired stop!
Being lucky got us to Berlin with only three changes! A German fishingstore salesman, who took us more then the half way to Berlin, a Polish Trucker on his way to Poland, and a girl from Hamburg visiting her writer boyfriend who was doing a reading of his book in Berlin!

All in all I have to say I'm glad we've done this. I'll do it soon again, that I am sure of. Also now I know a lot of random Trucker facts that you would not know of usually. A loong weekend that was totally worth it.

Enjoy the commented pictures, a feature that I added to my blog recently!

Entry by Anita from Denmark
On 25.05.2011 at 21:43
Wow, Luke, that picture of the castle took my breath away. I'm glad your trip was such a resounding success :) Hope you're doing well!
Entry by Dave from Bonn, Germany
On 23.05.2011 at 10:38
That's been absolutely worth hitchhiking in a group, rather than going by ICE alone, I can imagine!
Luke, you know that all your stories and photos you publish over here are really cool, no need to write that everytime :)

Have a great time, mate!
Entry by Basti from Germany
On 11.05.2011 at 17:28
This must've realy been a great weekend! and a great trip back to Berlin, as far as I can judge that when looking at those great pictures :P

Greetings from Hove!