From Salzburg to Falkert
This article is overdue now for a long time.

I want to share a few impressions I made in the very beginning of this year, when going on vacations with my family. That's something we didn't do in a long time.

Initially we wanted to go Skiing in Falkert, a high region in the south of Austria. When meeting in Salzburg, because I took a flight from Berlin as they came down with a car from Cologne, we decided to stay there for a day.
I'm glad we did that, it was so worth it! Salzburg is a very classy city. Not only that it's famous for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to be born in there, but it's also the fourth biggest City in Austria. I think I've never been to a city as classy as Salzburg. It's not only the looks of the city, but also the atmosphere.

If you don't care much for Mozart or classic music, it will probably not be the best place to be. You will literally encounter Mozart everywhere. If not the street you're standing at is called "Mozartstreet" or "Mozart plaza", then probably you're standing right next to one of Mozart’s old living places. (there are a lot of them).

Of course you can buy Mozart-ish souvenirs and the famous Mozart balls on every corner.

Apart of that, Salzburg consists of lovely narrow alleys with a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants in the inner core of the city. Once you’re there, you should not forget to make a trip to the Fortress Hohensalzburg which is, next to Mozart, the town's landmark. It’s quite a walk up there, but once you arrived you can enjoy the best views on the city and around it.

The next day we continued our trip to Falkert where we rent a typical alp cottage for a week. It’s impressive how far away you can get from your troubles and stress being up in the Alps 2200 meters above sea level. That’s basically what we did for the next 10 days. Skiing, Eating and relaxing. Who has the chance, shouldn’t miss that!

Pictures will follow as soon as possible.