Karlstad, Ludvika and Falun
This will be the second and last entry for my week in Sweden!

After a very heavy sightseeing weekend in Stockholm I took the high speed train to Karlstad.

Karlstad itself is not a very big city. Eventhough has only about 85 thousand citizens it's very known for it's exceptional Hockey Team. Marre, the frined who hosted me for two days took me on a Hockey game, so I could catch the feeling!

Two days later I got on some kind of one-wagon-railbus to Ludvika, another small town more inside the middle of Sweden. The friends who hosted me for 3 days live ten kilometers outside the city, so it was quite silent there.

What I really liked about the countryside were clear sky nights, large untouched forrests, thousands of lakes and the silence. Once you get used to it, it must be a really nice place to live. That I am sure of.

At my last day in Sweden we visited the famous coppermines in Falun and took a guided Tour which got us into one old district of the mines for an hour!
Falun is not only famous for it's copper, but most likely for the red paint which is created as a byproduct.

Enjoy the pictures and videos.
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Entry by Andi from Germany
On 03.03.2011 at 15:21
Hey Luke! - Nice Page and very nice pictures. I like the sky pictures, wonderful!! What about Berlin, maybe you can show us some picture of the city... I wasn´t there yet. :-/
Entry by Marre from Sweden
On 01.03.2011 at 15:45
Cool pics, mate. Hope you had a good time. I did!
Entry by painy from UK
On 28.02.2011 at 19:34
very nice luke, im surpsied u made it back from deathmachine xD
Entry by ike from germany
On 27.02.2011 at 11:33
hey luke - like niklas said: cool stuff!
cool side as well - but hey: nothing else expected.
have a cool (if not to say freezing) onward trip.
Entry by Niklas from Sweden
On 27.02.2011 at 02:40
You are really an awesome photographer, I'd surely appreciate if i could have the photos in high res.