Long time no see. I've been busy working an moving the last year, so I didn't really get to travel a lot.
Well here I am sitting in front of a very "unique" old computer in a, as it seems, Russian hotel in Stockholm.

I'll be backacking through Sweden this week in order to visit a few friens of mine. Something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

So the first two days I spent in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. For one who did not know yet, it might sound quite new, that there are "only" 850 thousand people living here, especially because it's said to be the most populated urban area in Scaninavia.

But that doesn't change the fact that Stockholm is a really great city.

I've been here two days now, and yet I think there is a lot more to explore then I did so far. The first thing you'll notice when walking through the streets of Stockholm are the tourists. There are a lot of them. You might have prepared a few sentences in Swedish to ask for the way to the next train station or pub, but don't really expect everyone to speak Swedish here. At one point, it took me four tries to actually find someone who could give me an answer.

If you like old tows, Stockholm is the right place for you. "Gamla Stan", the old city is the place to be. I've never ever seen such narrow alleys in my life. They are beautiful. Sadly the lighting is very bad there, so that a picture would't really give you the image. It's a thing to see with your own Eyes I guess.

There is one thing though, which I wouldn't mind to miss though. Everything is very expensive. I have to admit, as living in Germany, I am not really used to be in a place where stuff is actually expensive for me. Well, at least I know how other people feel when visiting Germany.

I have to leave now and catch my train to Karlstad, you will hear from me soon!

PS. Pictures will follow as I find a proper computer. This one types slower then I do.
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