The countryside around Derry
¿Como estas amigos?

Oh right, that isn't English. But that's what I am doing the most time here. Speaking and learning Spanish :p
Since I live in the Students home, which is overcrowded with Spanish "summer school students" I really enjoy learning Spanish :D I think I will take lessons as soon as I am back in Alemania :p Although we all took part in a exam in order to separate us in different classes we all ended up in the same class. Means, I am stuck in a beginner class.

Today we resigned to go to Belfast with the other guys. Turned' out we made a good decision :p We rent three Bikes and made a small tour through the countryside around Derry.

To be honest, all at all it's quite boring here. As soon as we come home, we got like nothing to do. Most times the weather isn't good, so you can't really enjoy being outside. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

By the way, the Spanish guy I am hanging around with the most is David. I think I am gonna visit him in Madrid this year ;D He actually invited me to.. so.. why not ? :D

comments concerning the pictures:
- I bought myself some new I'd say funny sunglasses :D I don't know why I like them so much.. but I do!

Entry by Omama from Germany
On 02.08.2009 at 19:33
Hi, Lukas,
gerade habe ich Deine Berichte aus Irland gelesen. Und mich an den Photos gefreut. Goodness, was für Gegensätze Du in denletzten Wochen erlebt hast und noch erlebst. Daß Du nun auch Spanisch lernen willst, finde ich super!!!
Ich wünsche Dir für die nächsten Wochen noch alles Gute! Und friere nicht zu viel....

Lb. Grüsse,

D. Omama.
Entry by Damaris from England
On 31.07.2009 at 20:13
Hey ho,

wollte nur mal nen Eintrag machen ;)
Genieß die Zeit in Irland und lern weiter Spanisch ;) Englisch kannst du ja schon...

Entry by Dave from Bournemouth, England
On 30.07.2009 at 20:21
Hello again!

Okay, so I hope it's not too boring in the evenings for you guys.
Last night we spent in BAR:ME until 3:00am. Today in the morning I was very tired, but now it's okay again.
I'm just sitting on my bed and waiting for dinner to start. Today we're gonna watch the Fireworks in Poole, tomorrow in Bournemouth.
I'm just finishing some kind of blog for my travels, so I will upload some pictures from South England, as soon as I have the opportunity.

Now I wish you another great time in Northern Ireland!!
Greets from England ...
Entry by Imke und Helmut from Anaheim/Californien
On 27.07.2009 at 20:52
Hi Lukas,
Also - mit dem Wetter haben wir kein Problem: Wir haben den gestrigen Tag bei 40 Grad im Schatten irgendwie am Pool ueberlebt ... ;-) Heute ist Walt-Disney und California Adventure Park, die zweite, dran. Tido und Tobi wollen unbedingt in den Tower of Terror - wie schoen, dass sie mittlerweile keine Begleitung mehr brauchen!!!
Mit dem Spanisch-Lernen - find' ich gut ...
L.G. Imke und Helmut und Extra-Gruesse von Tobi!
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 26.07.2009 at 13:03
Hey m8,
well at least be glad that you found some people to hang out with over there.
Really nerver heared of a guy that learnd spanish in GB ^^
Entry by Alex from Nordirland
On 25.07.2009 at 20:49
war lustig xD bin aber total platt
ist dein bier schon leer? xD
oder mom ich komme mal vorbei :D