The first days in Derry, Northern Ireland
Puh, that was a long trip. Finally I find the time to give you another small report.
After a 10-hour long flight to Frankfurt, a 2 hour long train ride to Duesseldorf, another 2,5-hour long flight and finally a 4 hour long bus trip, I arrived in Derry. That was pretty exhausting :p

Well, but now I am here. Sitting in the computer room of the so called old city factory. Today we had our first English lesson with a teacher or the Foyle language school. There will be one English lesson everyday starting at 9:30 (SHARP!!!) until 12:45. Yeah, it's not like in Thailand here, where you basically have to come a half hour too late. He said if we're one minute late, he won't let us in anymore. :p I guess I have to strain myself.

Later on we have time to work on our project. The project consists of gathering information about our job in a foreign country (Northern Ireland). That means we have to contact different organizations, institutions or companies.

Sadly there was a lack of guest families, so they've put me into a student village. My accommodation is the room 301, flat 9 of block 3. Cool eh? No it's not that bad. We have a big living room, a big bathroom and everyone of us got his own room which is big enough to stay in for four weeks.

In difference to Southeast Asia the it's sooo cold here. You have to take a rain jacket every time you go out, because you never know when it will start to rain again. The people are neither as kind as in Asia. Looking at the people on the streets, you don't really feel welcome here. Sadly.

Well, the pictures will follow later, I have to "work" now.
Entry by Dave from Bournemouth, England
On 30.07.2009 at 20:05
Hi Luke,

that sounds very well. I hope you got used to the climate in Northern Ireland (so different from Southeast-Asia).
I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

See you later (and greets to the other mates)!
Entry by matitohe from San Francisco
On 22.07.2009 at 21:42
Ganz liebe Gruesse aus dem auch sehr kalten San Francisco [15 Grad Celsius]. Wir haben uns erstmal einen heissen Kakao/Kaffee reingezogen... Gleich fahren wir ueber die Golden Gate Bridge! Und wir freuen uns auf die gewohnten >30 Grad in Anaheim, wohin wir in drei Tagen zurueckkehren:-)
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 22.07.2009 at 11:14
yup yup... back in good old europe eh?
now have fun with the jetlag...^^
na hope you'll have fun over there just as well as u had in asia!
Entry by Basti from Germany
On 21.07.2009 at 17:30
Hey Lukas,
Didn't know you was going to Ireland :D
Have a good time there!
Entry by Danne from Sweden
On 21.07.2009 at 16:21
Heya Luke!

Saw you're pics from Asia, looks awesome :D

Hope you enjoy you're time in Ireland!