Activities around Koh Samui
The last two days were pretty busy. If you have a car or a scooter, you can see pretty much on Koh Samui.

First we went to see Koh Samuis' so called grandmother and grandfather rock. Those rocks lie in the same bay, and have the shape of the genitals of men and woman. What I find amusing, is that they are not less then 20 meters away from each other. :p

Then we went to the ATVs (quads). We made a tour through the Mountain area of Samui. That's what I call "having fun". Riding a quad, getting wet and dirty and just go the mountains up and down.I definitely got dirty, hehehe :p

Here is what happened today. We made a one-day-long snorkeling trip to Ko Tao and smaller islands around Ko Tao.
As far as I heard, there is the only beach on the world, which connects 3 islands with each other.
After a boat trip of about one and a half hour we arrived in Ko Tao.
Then we had time for like an hour and ten minutes to snorkel. It was like.. amazing. When I jumped inte water, I had instantly 200 colorful fishes around me which was pretty cool :D

Yeah, the water was azure blue, the sky was more or less blue, too and the islands had amazing white beaches. Just like on a postcard :D

After a lunch, which was included into the day trip, we went to the smaller islands of Ko Tao to have another two hours of spare time for us, which we spend by making photos, climbing up those big rocks and snorkel :p

That were two very.. cool days :D (But still incredible hot. I think I burned my legs.. the only part of my body I didn't protect. Yes, stupid me... )

Enjoy the pictures :D
Entry by Rüdiger Gefeke from Deutschland
On 18.07.2009 at 11:57
Very nice pictures Lukas!! Dir brauch ich wohl nichts mehr zur digitalen Fotografie erklären. Take care!

Bin auf Deine persönlichen Berichte gespannt.

Rüdiger & Beate
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 16.07.2009 at 09:24
Wow.... I mean, .... WoooooooW =)
2 bad you couldn`t make any underwater pictures. I would love to see what it`s like down there.
And I guess the ATV tour was pretty fun he?
I really like your pictures, but I gotta ask... Did you take pictures of actual postcards? cuz they really look like em. ;)
Entry by Frank from Germany
On 15.07.2009 at 17:36
Ich dachte du wärst komplett braun geworden ;) ?
Entry by Anna from Germany
On 15.07.2009 at 15:40
Hey Lukas,

hast echt super schöne Fotos gemacht.!
Mir gefällt es wo du da bist =)

Hoffe da du eine Menge Erfahrungen sammelst und viel Spaß hast ;-)
Machs gut, Pass auf dich auf!!!
Liebe Grüße,