About the lucky me and Koh Samui
Heya once again!

Yesterday I arrived on Koh Samui, the third biggest Island of Thailand which is located in the Thaian Gulf south of Bangkok.

Although it is a tropical Island, the weather wasn't that nice yesterday and still isn't. It's not too hot, neither too cold. The sun is just not shining.
When arriving my.. luck showed up once again. My uncle Dominik asked his friend if I could use his flat as long as I will stay on Samui which is really nice and comfortable to stay. :D

After "moving in" and trying out the scooter I rented for 4 days, Dominik showed me the night life on Samui. We went to a beach called "Chaweng" and tried out some bars and discos. Really cool, and loud.

Today I hope we can rent two quads and take a ride through the mountain region of Samui.

Ah yes.. I had one of these very disgusting millepedes in the bathroom. Dominik suspected it to be very poisonous. I tried to catch it and get it out, but killed it by accident then. Evil me... :P

I'm happy that Dominik helps me so much :) Thanks again, if you read this ! :D
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 13.07.2009 at 07:55
uh it seems that you are online right now. should have waited with all my comments till you are done uploading all your pictures =P
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 13.07.2009 at 07:45
Well even though the wether is "bad" over there the island looks quite nice =)
And be happy that you aren`t in Germany right now cuz the weather sucks bigtime over here.
Oh and you were trying to catch a possible poisonous millepede with your bare hands? seems you arent just even but insane too xD
enjoy your last days over there m8!