The doorway to hell and the hell
Today I also got a small view into the very dark history of Cambodia. I've seen a lot of things, got to know a lot about violence against the humanity... You know, you can't get around that when you live in Germany. But I couldn't get out of shaking when I saw the killing fields as well as the school, which has been turned into a prison or... you could also say, into the waiting room of hell.

Just like Peter promised me, he told me everything he knew about those places.
Today peter is a Tuk-Tuk driver and guide. Before that he used to be an English Teacher, but in order to get more money he had to quit teaching.

Just like the most Cambodian People he got a dark history, too. He got nothing left in his family, except his daughter and his mother. The Red Khmer killed all of them. Peter was lucky to survive, but he still got a plenty of scars, even on his tongue.

The pictures talk for themselves again and the whole history is too long to tell it here. The places where we've been today are called "The Killing Fields" and "The School Prison".
Basically you can say, 40% of the nation got killed back then. Most for no reason at all or because they were too well educated. The worst thing about it is the way of how they got killed.

In order to save money on the bullets, people got hit to death with bamboo sticks, stabbed, strangled or poisoned.
Kids where hold by their feet and hit against trees or thrown in the air and stabbed by the weapon baronets.

I thank Peter for this day and for teaching me so much about his culture and its history.
Entry by Klaus+Susanne from Germany - Cuxhaven
On 12.07.2009 at 19:29
Hi Lukas!
Wir können das ein wenig nachvollziehen, was Du da gesehen hast. Wir waren vor 4 Jahren zum ersten Mal in unserem Leben in Oswiecim - Auschwitz. Was man auch immer darüber liest oder hört, wenn man da ist, ist man nur noch sprachlos und entsetzt.
Wir hoffen, Du kannst mit Deinen Begleitern gut darüber reden.
Weiter viele gute Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen wünschen dir Klaus+Susanne
Entry by Imke und Frauke from Germany/Ostfriesland
On 10.07.2009 at 19:38
Lieber Lukas,
Du hast heute furchtbare Dinge gesehen und von unvorstellbaren Geschehnissen gehört - gut, dass Du Dir dafür Zeit genommen hast und so einen guten Führer dabei hattest! Die Verarbeitung wird Zeit brauchen ...
Imke/Mama und Frauke/Omama