Same same but different
That's a common phrase over here.

Maybe I didn't told you, but the people in Bangkok like to say English words twice. Don't ask me why... maybe because it sounds funny or something :P
The best example I think is the word "Same". If you ask someone who's Thai, if something is "same" the other thing (Yea, you should use basic English when talking to them), they will always answer "yes, same same"

Same same with "slow" "fast" "no" "yes"... if you know what I mean :D

Well the people in Cambodia are same same like this. BUT DIFFERENT. And that's what they say. Everything is "same same but different" but I like it :D

Today I spend the whole first day in Phnom Penh. With Peter, I told you about him yesterday. The first impressions about Phnom Penh, and the "real" Cambodia are.."Dusty", "Dirty", "A country where money talks", "Somehow beautiful".

The People in Cambodia work hard for their money... If you have it, you can do everything. Yesterday for example, I was drinking a beer in the bar of our Guesthouse which is located on a pier of the river. Basically everyone was taking drugs there. in Cambodia it's not legal, but if you do it in a Bar, you won't get any problems.

However.. A had a beer and a talk with a young Cambodian guy and as we were talking he asked me if I wanted to shoot some guns. Well for around 12$ you can shoot with all kind of guns. A full magazine for a AK45, Mp5 or M4a1 will cost you around 40$. A rocket launcher or hand grenades cost the same. At least this was his offer..

And you may recognize.. I made a lot of pictures of trucks and motorbikes.. I find it just crazy how many things they put on their vehicles.. Sometimes up to 5 people on a motorbike :D
But I must say.. the streets of Phnom Penh are dirty and smell. There's crap all over the streets and people don't mind walking just right through it.

See the pictures.
Entry by Jo from Germany
On 15.07.2009 at 08:04
fast fast,
go go,
same same,

;-) like it