Arriving in Phnom Penh
Today I arrived in Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia.
Like I've told you before, I've bought a ticket for a VIP Bus from Siam Reap to Phnom Penh. It took the Bus like 4 hours to get there.

I was quite lucky, because the Road was totally new. I've heard the build it like 3 months ago to improve the traffic between Thailand and Cambodia.
Some people told me before that, the airways companies paid cambodia to not repair the roads. But I guess this is over now.
Anyway.. The trip was fun. The driver was using the horn the whole time. On Cambodian streets it's a sign that you're going to pass someone by.
To the ones who spend the eastern holidays with me... it's like three times more fun then on the Polish streets :D I guess the motto is something like.. "You always overtake, if someone's coming along, you can still go back"

Well as soon as we arrived in Phnom Penh a crowd of guys ran to our car and offered us their services, mostly tuk tuk or mototaxi drivers. I took a mototaxi, and told the guy to bring me to a backpackers place :p

Well now I am sitting in the Grand View Guest House just at the so called lakeview area of Phnom Penh. It's a quite poor area here, the little child beggars are even running around in the hotel here. When I composed the Ankor Wat report, like three different kids came in and asked me if I were going to buy a book from them...

Ah yes... in the hotel I met Peter, a tuk-tuk driver and guide, who's really honest and speaks proper English. I invited him on a Cola and he offered me his services for the whole day tomorrow. (15 $) He's gonna take me to the "killing fields" and the "Grand Palace".. and some other stuff too.

After wards we were getting something to eat, and I asked him some things about the Cambodian culture.
Then he showed me his so called "reference book", a book where all costumers he had left an entry about him and his tours. I'm looking forward for tomorrow !

Concerning the comments of the Angkor Wat entry.. Yeah, I was quite finished after we came back. And like I said.. I've sweated like the whole time. I drunk about 8 liters of water without visiting the toilet once the whole day.

Well.. my room is quite okay. I got a aircon and a fan, as well as a own bathroom. (10$/night)

Your're up to date now! :D

Entry by Jo from Germany
On 10.07.2009 at 07:43
lol traffic more fun than in Poland? I Defenetly got to go there! =D
Oh and careful about peter. I know he seems nice, but once u don't pay attention, you are naked in the backseat of a van and get abused! ;)
na jk
I'm really glad we can always can get an up-to-date idea of what you are doing over there.
btw: how big is the time difference???
Take care,
Entry by Imke from Eitorfer Schweiz
On 09.07.2009 at 17:07
Hi Luki,
was ich mich frage: Gibt's die Tuk-Tuks auch als 6-Sitzer??? Und die Stromkabel-Arrangements wären Kunsthallen-würdig!
Super - was Du jetzt alles erlebst und zu sehen bekommst ... Toll, dass wir Dir dabei über die Schulter gucken können!
Gute Reise weiterhin!