Mount Fansipan
Hello everyone!

I am back again after being without Internet for quite a while! I didn't expect to be in a place without internet anymore after having all the way from Siberia to Vietnam...

This entry is quite delayed, [read more...]
Sapa - Hilltribes
Hello everyone! It has been a few days since my last entry. Probably because I've been traveling around without a real destination or goal.

After arriving in Hoi An, where I got myself a real nice custom made jacket, I visited my fri [read more...]
Vietnam Roadtrip - The Central Highlands
Hello everyone. I am going to split this post up in two. One before we arrived in Hoi An, and one after. Picture comments do not work with firefox 8.0. Use Internet explorer or opera instad. or Firefox 3.x

Before arriving to [read more...]
Vietnam Roadtrip - Highway number one
We're on the road!

The Vietnamese Highway number one! Going all the way up from the South to the north!

Two days ago we arrived in Nha Trang, a touristy beach village at the south east coast of Vietnam. In general I thi [read more...]
Around Dalat, Waterfalls and Silk Farms
As I said... We are in Da Lat.

Due to our motorbike problems we didn't get too far the first day. But you can always try again, and so we did. When we had to get motorbike fixed yesterday, we had to pay 100.000 dong (3,3 Euro) for a g [read more...]
HCMC, Cu Chi and Da lat
I am soo lazy!

But I think it's Vietnams climate turning me into a human hammock.

First time I posted from Vietnam I was in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) where I spend five nights in total. Right now, I am already in Da Lat, [read more...]
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning everyone!

I am in Vietnam.

It wasn't easy to leave Harriets lovely appartement in the middle of Hong Kong, for sure. But I had to do continue going.
After I got the plane tickets from Germany sent t [read more...]