Activities around Koh Samui
The last two days were pretty busy. If you have a car or a scooter, you can see pretty much on Koh Samui.

First we went to see Koh Samuis' so called grandmother and grandfather rock. Those rocks lie in the same bay, and have the shape [read more...]
The Jungle of Koh Samui
The day is nearly over now, at least in southeast Asia. I got up at 11 in the morning after a long night.. I've told you about that :p

Well, after a yummy breakfast (Stir fried Rice with Chicken) we went to have a slide on a rope thro [read more...]
About the lucky me and Koh Samui
Heya once again!

Yesterday I arrived on Koh Samui, the third biggest Island of Thailand which is located in the Thaian Gulf south of Bangkok.

Although it is a tropical Island, the weather wasn't that nice yesterday and [read more...]
Shopping in Bangkok
Today I spend the whole day with shopping.

Believe me or not, in Bangkok you get everything. No wonder in a city where 10 million people live.
For example yesterday I saw a guy selling IDs, Driver licenses and school Ids from al [read more...]
The first day in Bangkok
Hey folks :)

My first day in Bangkok is kinda over now.. It was a long one, believe me :D (and incredibly hot)

We started the day with a very fruity breakfast :) After we exchanged some cash at the Bank we had a second b [read more...]
Finally in Bangkok
After a 10-hour long flight I finally arrived in Bangkok, though I expected the flight to be 12 hours long.

My uncle picked me up after I got the baggage and the first thing we went to do was to get something to drink.

W [read more...]