Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!
Heya Pals,

I hope you're all doing good :) At least I am doing so more or less the last time. I am going out nearly every day with the Spanish guys. After school we meet and cook together and later on we mostly visit a Pub, Disco or [read more...]
The countryside around Derry
¿Como estas amigos?

Oh right, that isn't English. But that's what I am doing the most time here. Speaking and learning Spanish :p
Since I live in the Students home, which is overcrowded with Spanish "summer school students" [read more...]
The first days in Derry, Northern Ireland
Puh, that was a long trip. Finally I find the time to give you another small report.
After a 10-hour long flight to Frankfurt, a 2 hour long train ride to Duesseldorf, another 2,5-hour long flight and finally a 4 hour long bus trip, I arrived [read more...]