Leaving Laos, leaving Asia
Sabai dee (Krap) Everyone!

This will probably be my last post from Asia! I got a flight to catch, in less then three hours!

Right now I am in Bangkok. I got here a few days ago, after going all the way down from Phongsa [read more...]
Akha People, Lao Tribes
Now we're talking present, most likely.
I came back from this hiking trip yesterday. I am still quite tired from hiking and in difference to my friends, decided to stay in Phongsaly for one day longer in order to cure a little stomach ache I [read more...]
Moving through Lao
As I said, I have to catch up here on what happened in the last few days!

Everything that you read about yesterday, happened a week ago or more already.
I am in Lao(s).

Emilie, the girl I've been traveling with [read more...]