It's getting started!
Hey guys!

It's only 10 days to go until I leave Germany. And since I probably will be very busy until then I am going to write this down today. I will be busy moving out of my apartment and getting the visa before I leave August 23rd [read more...]
Cologne, Eitorf, Hitchhiking and stuff
So this is what happened in the past few days!

After getting to know Rachel through Couchsurfing in Berlin we've decided to meet up again to travel together!

As "Rhine in Flames", a firework festival in Bonn being the [read more...]
Summer Berlin!

This will be the first time I'm going to report about something not happening while I'm traveling! But still I think it's worth to share because it's just being too lovely here in Berlin to be quiet about that!

[read more...]
A small trip to Cologne
This my mate Daniel and me mad a small trip to Cologne in order to shoot a picture we've always wanted to shoot. The well-known Cologne skyline.

After a 30 minute long ride from Bonn to the Cologne main train station we had to cross [read more...]
New year in Eastern Friesland
Long time no see. And long time that I've posted anything.

This new years eve I've spent in Eastern Friesland. As it was very, very cold up there we've spent most of the time in front of the chimney of my Grandmothers house, which i [read more...]
Leaving Germany soon
So well, I am leaving now. Just packed my things and ready to leave now :) See you in a couple of hours. [browse the pictures...]