Halloween in Hong Kong
That's right. Halloween!

I am am still in Hong Kong, waiting for my flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam. While waiting, I can enjoy stying in Hong Kong. Comming from Germany you get 90 days here, I could stay for an [read more...]
Hong Kong
Hong Kong baby!

Hello everyone! Hong Kong is awesome. I arrived here, pretty soon a week ago!

I am staying with Harriet, who I got in contact with via Couchsurfign. Harriet is a real hong kong citizen and lives in a beau [read more...]
Fenghuang - Phoenix
Hey there!

Obviously this report is a bit late, probably because I am not in the mood of writing something down.

So well, I am in this town called Phoenix. At first, I have to admit it was overwhelmingly beautiful. So ma [read more...]
Zhangjiaje National Avatar Forest Park
Okay, to be honest the real name of the park is "Zhangjiajie National Forest Park". But to be honest, it could as well be my version!

It's a little time ago since you last heard from me. That is because I just decided to take things [read more...]
Zhangjiajie City
Sniff... Snifff.. I got a cold again.

Somehow I've been unlucky with the health lately. I have no idea where I catched that up again. It has been above 25 °C for the last two weeks everywhere I've been and yet I feel like I've been [read more...]
A crowded place - Wuhan
Hello everyone!

First off, thank you for the great comments on my last post!

You didn't hear from me in a while because I was changing places so frequently that I did not really have time to upload or write anything.
read more...]
Camping on the Great Wall
You heard right!

I don't even know where that idea came from.. I think Vicky mentioned it, and I was like... "camping?", on the Great wall? Yes! A lot of people do that actually! I got in touch with a guy from Couchsurfing [read more...]
Ni hao!

Later then I thought you're going to hear from me again. I've been quite busy to be honest! Last time I wrote something down I was in the middle of the Gobi desert, going from Ulaan Bataar to Beijing. I arrived the next day a [read more...]