About Me

My name is Luke and I'm the author and creator of this Blog. I currently live in Berlin, Germany where I moved six months ago.

I started this blog in order to report from my travels and places I enjoy. In the last couple of years I started traveling around and slowly committed myself to the dream of exploring the world. The blog helps me to share my impressions with my family, my friends and lastly you. One thing is for sure, it it wasn't for you, I wouldn't enjoy my trips the way I do now.

One of my hobbies I connect with traveling is Photography. What is a story without pictures and vice versa? For this blog, I mostly take pictures of landscapes, people and buildings to give you an impression of how things look like in differnt places. Eventually I won't be able to keep myself from throwing a picture with a rather artistic aspect in, just because I like it. But in general, I'm trying to keep it simple.

I'm a very active member of the Couchsurfing community and try to contribute as much as I can. If you want to meet me, feel free to leave me a message on CS! Here is a link to my profile.